Commercial Window Cleaning

When it comes to professional commercial window cleaning services in entire London, Alex and Chris Window Cleaning Service is the name offering quality services with assurance of zero damage. Cleaning windows of a commercial building right from a small retail store to a multi-storied office is something our team does on a regular basis. That’s why they can easily evaluate simply by taking a look at a commercial  uilding, the risk factors involved and how to handle them. Cleaning every dirt and grime mark from every window is what we strive for so that both the parties staying indoors and outdoors see-through clearly.One of the best ways to clean windows is to do this with ladders and by hand. Sometimes this is complicated because we are afraid of the heights and the stability of the ladder. That is why it is important to have a professional Window Cleaner. We know how to use a ladder and how to clean a window. Thanks to our method we can reach till second floor with big ladders. But if your property is higher than this… don’t worry because we clean windows from the inside or using the reach and wash system.


The height of windows and weather condition are two factors that never stop us. So far, we have maintained an exemplary record of offering commercial window cleaning services on the fixed date regardless of weather conditions. If our professionals find commercial window cleaning task too risky, we reject the offer out rightly but never fall short of our promises. While cleaning internal and external windows of a commercial building, we adopt the following techniques:

1. Water-fed pole system
2. Ladders
3. Window cleaning by hand
4. Pressure wash

Why Choose Alex and Chris?

  • Our unprecedented record of offering commercial window cleaning services for all kinds of buildings and windows make us a leader in window cleaning industry.
  • We have been offering the services in almost entire London- North, South, West and Central
  • We are a fully insured company housing a team of experienced, uniformed and fully-trained professionals.
  • We offer window cleaning services on flexible timings to meet your business needs.
  • We use specialist equipment for window cleaning task. This makes us competent to take up any commercial window cleaning project without any height restriction.
So, discuss your commercial window cleaning requirements from our team today!