Pure Water System

It is hard to get streak-free windows when cleaned with tap water. The fact is tap water contains many impurities which leave behind smears or dirt attracting more dirt over time. This problem does not arise with pure water system. The pure water is de-ionised and purified water that leaves behind no residue or smears while cleaning the windows. The benefits with de-ionised water are it is reactive and has better cleaning abilities as compared to standard tap water as does not leave behind mineral deposits on glasses. At Alex and Chris Window Cleaning, we use pure water cleaning system to make both commercial and residential windows streak-free and sparkling clean.

How it Works?

Over the years, window cleaning methodology has completely changed by professional window cleaners in London. By harnessing the benefits of pure water system, our professional window cleaning team clean windows to exceptionally high standard by brushing off dirt and other stain marks with a soft bristled brush. At the same time, the team rinse off the dirt with pure water. Withthis method, windows remain wet for some time but once they dried, clients will not observe any spot or grime marks which usually left behind in case of cleaning with tap water.

Our expert and trained cleaning team combine the pure water system with water fed pole for cleaning high-rise windows safely without any disruption and with better cleaning results. If customers require, we are ready to carry out external window cleaning of high-rise windows with ladders after following necessary safety measures. We suggest our customers to go for regular window cleaning services so that tough stains like varnish, paint or putty are easy to remove within one attempt. Else, these tough stains need two or three cleaning for making windows completely spotless even after using eco-friendly detergents and pure water systems.

We feel happy if you call us to get your windows cleaned with pure water system. We are confident to deliver the results as per our promise and your expectations.