Traditional Window Cleaning (By Hand)

In buildings, some windows are best to reach with ladders. Moreover, there are some clients, who always give preference to traditional window cleaning (by hand) techniques. For all of them, Alex and Chris Window Cleaning offers reliable and affordable services. Since the inception of our company, we have been offering window cleaning services both by modern and traditional techniques. Sometimes, it is the client who prefers traditional approach with ladder-and-squeegee cleaning method and sometimes, our cleaning team recommended traditional cleaning is the best.

When Traditional Window Cleaning Works Best?

Window cleaning by hand is the most effective way of cleaning windows of any building from inside. While cleaning windows from eco-friendly cleaning solution, filtered water and squeegees, the cleaning team ensures to clean the frames and sills also. While performing the cleaning task, the personal property of the clients placed near windows are removed safely. Moreover, our cleaning team never forgets to remove their shoes while performing window cleaning task from inside.

Many clients prefer traditional method cleaning (by hand) for external windows of commercial and residential buildings. For this, we use ladders to reach at a suitable height instead of conventional technique of water-fed pole system. We agree using ladders is not the safe approach when it comes to cleaning windows at a great height, but we are confident as our well-trained cleaning team has a zero-damage track record. Our trained and professional cleaning team are well-versed with the cleaning tactics while using ladders to avoid risk factor. They use only those ladders which are in excellent shape. Moreover, other factors like weather conditions, surfaces and ground condition are evaluated thoroughly before carrying out window cleaning task manually. We value our words, therefore give assurance for traditional window cleaning (by hand) only in the case of favourable weather conditions, even and non-slippery ground surfaces. So, believe us, if we say we can perform window cleaning by traditional methods, we will not disappoint you!

So, for knowing our quotes for traditional window cleaning services, call us today!