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5 Emerging Trends in Window Cleaning Industry in London

In the window cleaning sector, a new trend is emerging that the demand for professional window cleaners in London has increased by leaps and bounds in the last two decades. The possible reasons are modern corporate buildings have large areas of glasses that demand the need of professional cleaners, young domestic householders remain pre-occupied with other cleaning tasks and elderly people always require help for window and other cleaning tasks. Window cleaning is an extremely tiring and time-consuming task. Moreover, factors like weather, height and design are increasing the difficulty level of window cleaning operations.

Both residential and commercial window cleaning tasks come under specialty cleaning, thus demand the need of a highly trained workforce to perform task with precision. The methods of window cleaning operations have undergone a sea change in the last decade. These methods are paving the way to new trends that are extremely important to incorporate to make the task of window cleaning more accurate and perfect. These trends are:

Technologically Advanced Equipment: Cleaning windows of high-rise buildings with ordinary equipment is a time-consuming task. However, the same task is easy to perform in a lesser time frame if window cleaners use high-end equipment. A few minutes saved on cleaning one window of a tall building result in saving several hours in the entire operation and this allows the professional to take the next task quickly. Though high-end equipment comes with a hefty price tag, it reduces the cleaning time of professionals and increases earnings per week in the long run. Thus, it is important to equip the professional cleaning team with the right equipment so that the performance ratio remains 100% with no casualties.

Using Drones for High-Rise Window Cleanings: This is one of the trends that is fast becoming a fad in commercial and residential window cleaning. To clean high-rise glass-fronted buildings, many companies are using drones instead of hiring manpower as window cleaners. The benefits of using machines over human resources are many. First, it is a safe way to clean high-rise windows. Second, drones perform the cleaning task in lesser duration. Third, because it is new in this sector, therefore the scope of improvement is quite wide.

Robots Cleaning Windows:  Many companies are already using robots for the commercial window cleaning task. This is a big plus for the industry as it eliminates the need to keep the lives of men at risk.Moreover, many areas of the buildings that remain tricky to reach via ladders are easily accessible by robots.Drones still need human intervention to control and operate whereas robots know how to complete their job with perfection and safety.Like drones, even deploying robots for window cleaning tasks is relatively new and expected that the trend will grow in the coming years.After all, who can stop companies to come up with a high-rise window having multiple windows? No wonder, in the coming five to six years, this trend will play a pivotal role in shaping the industry standards of residential window cleaning also.

Flexible Payment Options: When it comes to pricing, commercial window cleaning is not a profitable business. The competition is stiff and consumers are willing to avail services at negotiated rates. Creating a flexible payment scheme instils trusts in customers and it becomes easy for professional window cleaners to convince them. Customers must get choices to make payment either via a credit or debit card and even opt for EMI scheme.

Go Green with Window Cleaning: Gone are the days when it is easy for window cleaning service providers in Wembley, London to use any window cleaning solution. With the rising awareness of rapid climate change and the benefits of using eco-friendly products, more and more consumers are making informed choices by choosing eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Sensing the change, manufacturing companies have started manufacturing and selling such window cleaning solutions that cause either no or minimal harm to the environment. Needless to mention, these products are approved by the government agencies also.

It is necessary to move ahead with the time and incorporate new technology in the business to survive and thrive in the industry. These are the trends that are expected to catch a pace in residential and commercial window cleaning in the coming years. What is your opinion on the same?

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