Easy and Effective Glass Window Cleaning Tips

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An undeniable fact is window cleaning is a challenging and time-consuming task. Many people prefer hiring services of a window cleaning company in London to perform the task as they offer fast, reliable and exceptional cleaning services. However, if you have decided to do it yourself, simply by making little extra effort you can easily clean windows in a professional manner. Do you want to know how? Let’s move ahead step-by-step.

Gather Cleaning Tools and Supplies- The first and foremost step is to keep all tools and supplies handy that are required for the window cleaning job. These supplies are sponge or squeegee, absorbent microfiber cloth, a bucket filled with clean solution and apple cider vinegar.

Remove Dust First – Before cleaning with water, remove dirt from the windows frame by using a vacuum or a brush. This actually eliminates the possibility of making dirt a muddy mess when clean with a solution of water and window cleaner.

Make Homemade Window Cleaner – Indubitably, there is no dearth of window cleaning solutions in the market but not all of them are safe to use and offer the best cleaning results. This time, think economically and make homemade window cleaning solution. You can either try basic solution i.e. water mixed with dish soap or mix vinegar with water in equal quantities. Vinegar is an acetic acid, therefore cut grease and does not leave any streak after the cleaning. Vinegar and water bring back lost shine not only on windows but on hard tiles and other glass surfaces as well.

Make Use of Microfiber Cloth – Many people wipe glass surfaces with newspaper as it does not leave any residue behind but microfiber cloth is a better alternative. It is washable, super absorbent and makes window streak-free.  Many professional window cleaner in London also make use of microfiber cloth during the window cleaning task.

Clean Windows from Top to Bottom – It happens that despite using the best cleaning solution and cloth, people are not satisfied with the end results. It is because they clean windows from bottom to top and the ideal way to clean is from top to bottom. When a person cleans from top to bottom, the cleaning solution drips and spreads on those areas where the cleaning task is undone. In this manner, glass surfaces are cleaned perfectly.

Make use of Squeegee –   Sometimes, the dirtiest marks on glasses are difficult to remove with a wipe of the clothRe-wiping those areas actually leave streak marks. Using squeegee wisely ensures effortless cleaning. Squeegee is the favorite tool of professional window cleaners in London especially when they need to clean bigger glass frames.  However, using them is an art. Many people try cleaning windows with a squeegee but forget the basic thing that when a person squeegees down on the windows, all water comes on the floor. Thus, use them with caution.  Moreover, make sure to clean windows with a squeegee having sharp rubber blades. If you are using an old squeegee, check its blades and replace them if they are dull.

Use Cotton Swabs for Cleaning Corners – Residue builds up in the corner of every window glass is hard to clean unless a person is using the right tool. Try cleaning the residue with cotton swabs. The cotton swabs do the trick by reaching in the small areas of the windows and cleaning residues in the best possible manner.

Caution with Woodwork – If windows have wooden framing, then it is of utmost importance to perform the cleaning task with caution. It is because many window cleaners damage the wood and make them look unpolished.  Sometimes, even a small drip on wooden frame damage their surfaces. Therefore, do not forget to place a cloth on the windowsill or wood so that drips are easy to absorb. Additionally, clean the glasses in small sections going from top to the bottom.

Last but not least, schedule a window cleaning task on a cloudy day. It is because the rays of the sun prematurely dry the washing fluid and leave behind residue and streaks that sometimes become difficult to notice. On a cloudy day, the cleaning solution does not dry till the time a person wipes them off. This ensures a brilliant shine on the windows and makes them streak-free.

Try these tips and get beautiful and streak-free windows. Even if you are not satisfied with the results, there is always a back-up plan of hiring professionals of a window cleaning company in London.

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