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4 Important Aspects to Think Upon Before Starting Window Cleaning Business in London

If you are planning to start a window cleaning company in London, you are indeed taken a prudent decision. The reason window cleaning is a recession-proof business. People will hire professional window cleaners even if the economy is going through a rough phase with the only difference is demand will be less. Before discussing what factors you need to consider for starting this business, let us throw some light on why it is a good business to start.

  1. Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious about the way their commercial and residential properties look. Beautiful interiors of a house or a commercial building will not impress people if buildings have dirty windows.
  2. Majority of architects of London are increasingly giving importance to glass for building residential and commercial units. This is a good sign for professional London based window cleaners as it will increase their demand.
  3. Cleaning windows internally is a risk-free task but a common man is not willing to risk his life by cleaning the windows externally. And, people know this fact that if windows are not cleaned inside out, they will not look beautiful. For external window cleaning, hiring professional window cleaners becomes indispensable.

Now, let’s uncover those aspects which you seriously need to consider for starting a window cleaning business in London.

Initial Set-Up cost

Just like any other business, even window cleaning business demands initial or seed capital but in the low range. You need capital for the following things:

  1. For opening your office.
  2. For buying window cleaning equipment ranging from ladders, water-fed poles to vehicles for transporting the crew members along with equipment to the worksite.
  3. You need to invest money in your human capital by providing them necessary training for cleaning high-rise windows and taking insurance for your staff.
  4. You need to set aside a certain amount of money for marketing your business at least in your area. You can start with an economical marketing plan like hiring a website designing company for creating a professional website and a unique logo for your company.

Defining Target Audiences

In the window cleaning business, two kinds of audiences exist: people asking for residential window cleaning and others interested in availing commercial cleaning. It is advisable that you should start with a domestic window cleaning company in London as it involves a lesser amount of money. For domestic cleaning, you need vehicles for transporting equipment and staff members, a water purifier, and water fed pole. If you are interested in availing commercial window cleaning, you may require additional and expensive equipment like vehicles with high water carrying capacity, cherry pickers, cranes, etc.

Training & Insurance

No matter you are offering domestic or commercial window cleaning services, your staff members need to undergo employee training to act as professional window cleaners. Make sure to register your staff members with industry training courses so that they can perform the window cleaning task with full dedication and by taking complete safety measures. If you are running domestic cleaning services, limited staff will work but for commercial cleaning, you need to hire a large number of employees. Keep yourself well-versed with the Health & Safety rules and regulations of London while offering window cleaning services.

Insurance is another important aspect which you cannot ignore. Though the insurance cost is expensive, it gives business credibility in the market. Some of the insurance you may need to take are Public Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Employers’ Liability Insurance to name a few.

It is easy to understand that training demands one-time cost whereas insurance is a recurrent cost but these expenses are worth making. It is because if your business is insured and employees are trained, they perform their work accurately which in turn makes your customers happy.

Be Selective with Customers

It is not a wise idea to take any customer you get in your business journey. You need to be very cautious and select only those customers who cause the least amount of trouble. For instance, if you have met with such a customer who does not appreciate your work or takes too much time to make a payment, do not take such clients in the future. Prefer taking such customers who give a great deal of attention to their house and business and willing to hire professional window cleaners in London multiple times in a year.

So, consider these factors along with making extensive market research about the area where you want to start your business operation. Believe it, you can easily become a fast-growing window cleaning company in London if you conduct the business in the right manner.

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