Domestic Window Cleaning

5 Golden Rules of Domestic Window Cleaning

It is easy to understand that window cleaning is one of those activities, which you will prefer taking in the last while doing house cleaning. The reason is it is time-consuming and energy-draining. If you stay in an apartment, you still can accomplish the task in a day but if you reside in a multi-storied apartment, you really need to set aside two or three weekends for completing the herculean tasks. To make your job easier, we are displaying five golden rules that make your cleaning task effortless. Simply stick to these rules and get the work done quickly and in the most sought-after manner.

  1. Clean Stains Sooner than Later: Have you noticed the fact that the spot of tomato sauce on a dress is easy to clean at the very same moment? But if you delay the task, it will look like a red polka dot on your beautiful dress. The same golden rule applies to window cleaning. Dirt, grime and grease marks on windows are easy to clean when they are fresh. So, the golden rule is to clean the marks on windows as soon as you notice them.
  2. Go From Top to Down: Do not ignore the rule of gravity when you are performing window cleaning in your Edgware-based apartment, London. If you are staying in a multi-storied apartment, then start window cleaning from the top floor and then come downwards. This ensures that when you remove dust from windows sills and frames, it will not settle down on those floors which you have already cleaned. Additionally, this also saves your time and energy.
  3. Think Dry Before Wet: When you are cleaning windows, start with the dry cleaning approach such as removing dirt marks on glass panes and sills with a cloth or any other cleaning equipment. After that, switch on to the wet methods like mopping with Squeegees and T-bars. This ensures that the minimum amount of dirt float in your rooms. However, you can straightaway follow the wet approach when you are cleaning the external part of the windows. It is because you are not under compulsion to clean dirt from there.
  4. Go Eco-Friendly: You will find different window cleaning solutions in the marketplace but not all are gentle and eco-friendly. Some chemicals are harsh and even cause skin allergies. Many products even damage the nose, eyes and lungs as well. So, the golden rule of window cleaning says to be gentle to yourself. And, this is possible only by using environmental-friendly products and solutions. Even many professional window cleaning Edgware companies have switched to eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep their employees safe while cleaning windows of domestic and commercial buildings.
  5. Carry Cleaning Supplies with You: It is important to keep window cleaning essentials at one place only. This will save your time and energy, which is otherwise spend on making multiple trips in the apartment for finding the right cleaning tools and suppliers. Some of these supplies easy to carry with yourself are:
  •         Two or three pair of Squeegees with blades
  •         T-bars
  •         A bucket with a sturdy handle
  •         A bottle of Eco-friendly cleaning Solution
  •         Soft Cotton Cloth for wiping the glasses
  •         An apron with pockets to keep small cleaning tools

While cleaning windows, do not forget to wear protective clothing items like gloves and spectacles. It is because you are not a professional window cleaner, so the chances remain high that you hurt yourself unintentionally. So, it is always better to safe than sorry.

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, the companies prefer hiring professional window cleaners. The reasons are many. First, cleaning windows both externally and internally of the multi-storied building is a herculean task for a newbie or a common man whereas professionals hold experience in cleaning such kinds of windows. Second, the professional window cleaning companies bring all cleaning equipment to the site so the clients need to pay remuneration only for their service. Third, they have undergone rigorous hours of training to clean high-rise windows, thus they perform cleaning jobs with zero- damage.

So, follow these golden 5 window cleaning rules if you are cleaning the windows manually and get the best results in the least time.

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