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6 Common Styles of Windows in London

A house, as well as an office, looks beautiful with neat and clean windows. But you will find a huge difference between styles of windows installed in offices and houses. So for your convenience, assorted below are some of the popular styles of windows you will commonly find in London homes and offices and a quick way of making them dirt-free i.e. cleaning them.

Sash Windows: This is one of the oldest and the common styles of windows made up of two sashes partially overlapping each other. Wood, aluminium and uPVC are the three common frame materials for sash windows. The two sashes are not necessarily of the same size. In some houses, you will find the upper part is bigger than the lower one and in some, the lower part is bigger. Though these windows are easy to clean by traditional methods, you can get spotless windows by hiring a reputed window cleaning company in Kensington.

Casement Windows: In many reputed offices in London, you will find casement windows. These windows attached to a frame with the help of hinges. There are different styles of casement windows but the one side hung is the most popular style. This kind of window opens externally, which gives freedom to employees to open the windows even if the outside is raining. The popular frame materials of casement windows are timber, aluminium or uPVC. For cleaning these windows, you need to unlock them safely and need to open at a 90-degree angle. Because these windows form an essential part of commercial settings, therefore companies hire window cleaning services in Kensington from a reputed company like Alex & Chris Window Cleaning Services to increase the overall appeal of their property.

Bay & Bow Windows: Add more space and depth by installing bay and bow windows. The bay windows have hexagonal frames whereas the bow windows are curved with an arch-like look. Wood and aluminium are common frame materials for bay and bow windows. These windows look extremely beautiful and even add more light and space to any room. Just like sash windows, these windows are easy to clean with traditional cleaning methods.

Tilt and Turn Windows: If you are renovating your house with a modern design, experiment with tilt and turn windows. This style looks beautiful in a classic design looking for a variety. The windows usually open inwards but there are other opening options as well. For instance, some models support a hinge mechanism where the top tilts and the hinge holds the bottom in the room. This kind of window makes an excellent choice for nurseries requiring an extra layer of security. Even small spaces where a huge window may not find, tilt and turn windows make a perfect addition. These windows are easy to clean internally but for external cleaning, you need to rely on water-fed poles and thus hiring a professional window cleaning company in Kensington becomes inevitable.

Fixed Windows: Spaces, which are in the dire need of natural lighting, will gain immense benefits by installing fixed windows. These windows are easy to find in unique sizes and shapes. Moreover, they are easy to decorate by using colourful lightings. The fixed windows are common in homes featuring traditional designs. If a person is staying on the ground floor, these windows are easy to clean with high-quality cleaning solutions and filtered water both internally and externally.

Fully-Reversible windows: This is a style common in homes and offices located at a great height. These windows rotate at a 360-degree angle and give easy access to cleaning from each side. Top swing windows are other names of these windows. uPVC and aluminium cladding are common frame materials used in fully reversible windows. If you find an accumulation of a lot of dirt and grime over these windows, you can clean them easily by using an eco-friendly cleaning solution, filtered water and cotton cloth. Despite located at a high height, these windows do not demand professional cleaning on a regular basis.

It is a fact that homeowners staying in the first can clean all kinds of windows both internally and externally manually. But it is advisable to avail professional window cleaning services from Kensington a window cleaning company if you want supreme cleaning results. A well-established and reputed company offers high-quality cleaning results at affordable rates. Moreover, they are ready to schedule cleaning on weekends and public holidays. So, contact them online and make your bookings.

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