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Use Eco-Friendly Approach while Cleaning Windows Manually

Do you live in Barnet and feel like a window cleaning job with an ordinary solution makes your hand dry and rough? If your answer is affirmative, then no need to feel fret as you are not the only one that experiences such kind of problem.

Many homeowners experience skin allergies and skin dryness after doing window cleaning by hand. Do you know the reason for the same? It is due to the fact they use an ordinary cleaning solution, which contains a high amount of chemicals and added colours. These chemicals make the skin dry and even lead to skin irritation or rashes. Such solutions are harmful not only for our health but for our environment as well. Therefore, opt for eco-friendly ways by cleaning windows with an eco-friendly solution. This solution is easy to make at a home with simple ingredients. Else you can call a professional window cleaning service provider in Barnet to get clean and beautiful windows.

Homemade Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

You will easily find a number of eco-friendly window cleaning solutions in the marketplace but if you want to make it at a home, it is super easy. Moreover, preparing these solutions does not consume much time and money. So, you can prepare the eco-friendly cleaning solution by mixing:

  1. Vinegar and Water
  2. Lemon juice and warm water, or
  3. Lemon essential oil, warm water and white vinegar.

The lemon juice and vinegar are acidic in nature and therefore both ingredients remove stains and smear marks completely. Moreover, many studies clearly indicate that water-based solution does not leave behind any residue after drying. However, ensure that you are using two different lint-free clothes during the window cleaning process- one for soaking in the solution and the other for polishing the windows. Using poor-quality cloth will end up leaving watermarks on windows; therefore it is important to use lint-free clothes with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The team of a professional window cleaning company in Barnet even follows the same approach with the only difference is they use a ready-made eco-friendly cleaning solution. Another important point to remember is if your home windows are a little dusty or have a few dirt or grime marks, then wet cleaning is not required. Simply a vigorous polishing with lint-free clothing is enough to bring back their lost shine in no time.

So, you have selected the right solution and the right cloth for cleaning windows but still, you are not getting the best cleaning results. It may be because you have committed the following mistakes while cleaning windows.

  1. You have used tap water for cleaning windows. Tap water is loaded with minerals that leave streaks on windows after cleaning. Ensure to use purified water only.
  2. Avoid taking up the window cleaning task at the hottest time of the day. It is because the sunlight quickly dries the windows, making stains more visible. Therefore, choose a cooler time in a day or a cloudy day for performing this house chore.
  3. Do not try to remove the bird dropping or traces from insects with the help of abrasive materials like razors or scrub pads. Such materials may remove the filth but they destroy the overall look of windows by leaving behind long scratches. Clean with professional cleaning tools and equipment only such as T-bars and squeegees.
  4. Do not use newspapers for polishing the windows. Of late, newspapers feature from such materials that they redistribute the grime marks and leave behind the black ink on glasses. Even using kitchen paper is a bad idea. Use cotton or lint-free clothes instead.

If you are not able to get satisfactory end results despite following these precautions, then this is the best indicator to call a professional window cleaning company in Barnet like Alex and Chris Window Cleaning Company. The professionals of the company give assurance to make every window dirt-free and grime-free by using industry-standard techniques. The reputed company follows an eco-friendly approach while cleaning the windows of a house or an office. The company offers window cleaning services 7 days a week, so you can call them anytime. Thus, if you do not get spotless windows after making several attempts, give a call to professionals today!

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