Clean Hard To Reach Windows

A Professional Window Cleaning Company in London Does Clean Hard-to-Reach Windows

It is true that most people find cleaning windows from outside as a herculean task. The task becomes more complicated if they live on the first floor or above in any building. This is the main reason they hire a professional window cleaning company in London. The professionals of a reputed cleaning company have won applauds for making any kind of window dirt-free, oil-free, and grime-free at any height. So, let’s understand how a professional cleaning team cleans hard-to-reach windows externally of a residential set-up.

Process of External Window Cleaning

The first and foremost job performed is to remove all fragile items present near windows. These items include kids’ toys, vases, flowerpots, etc. After that, they clean the surroundings of windows i.e. area around the windows. If screens or curtains are installed, they remove them before cleaning. Then, they move on to window cleaning and clean sills, panes, and frames before windows’ glasses.

Cleaning Windows of First & Second Floor Buildings

The trained and experienced window cleaners easily clean windows externally by using a ladder. They use a well-maintained ladder and fit it with anti-slip ladder pads on an even surface. They climb the ladder and take along themselves some of the cleaning supplies. The list includes a vacuum cleaner or broom with a long handle, a bucket filled with a solution of eco-friendly window cleaner and filtered water, squeegee, soft cloth, etc. Primarily, they broom the windows to remove excess dirt. Afterward, they apply the cleaning solution and clean them with a squeegee to make them dirt-free, grime-free, and grease-free. Once windows are cleaned thoroughly, they allow them to air dry. The team of a reputed window cleaning company in London has required experience of cleaning residential windows regularly; therefore they deliver excellent cleaning results in one attempt only.

Cleaning Windows of High-Rise Buildings

Some windows remain inaccessible with ladders as well. In such cases, the professional cleaning team uses water-fed poles or a telescopic window cleaning pole. The pole helps in cleaning upper-floor panes and windows’ glasses externally without using ladders. These poles are long pipe that splashes the water with force on the windows and remove all dirt and grime marks. This kind of technique is more relevant for cleaning windows of commercial high-rise buildings, but professionals use it for residential external window cleaning as well if required.

Is it Possible to Clean Windows Manually?

A common man with basic knowledge can try cleaning windows of the first and second floor of a building with the help of a ladder. All cleaning supplies are easily available in the marketplace. It would be a great decision if he chooses a no-rain day to complete the cleaning task.  It would be a cherry on the pie if he chooses a day when the sun is not too harsh. The reason is on a bright sunny day, you may feel exhausted even after one hour of cleaning.

You may find it simple to read and feel like doing external window cleaning manually but do remember that it is a risky job. A common man does not have the knowledge to use a ladder while cleaning windows. Moreover, he finds it extremely difficult to hang a bucket and other cleaning supplies on the ladder and perform the cleaning task with perfection. Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional window cleaning company in London and get your high-rise windows clean in a safe manner.

Benefits of Hiring a Reputed Window Cleaning Company, London

When you are hiring a well-established and reputed cleaning company like Alex and Chris Window Cleaning company, you will experience innumerable advantages. First and foremost, the professional cleaning team has the right tools and equipment to perform the job with accuracy and without causing any on-site accident. Depending upon the condition of windows and their height, they determine the tools required and develop their cleaning methodology.

Second, you are not risking your life by choosing professional window cleaners. The professional cleaners are trained to clean windows at different heights. Therefore, whether you stay on the third or fourth floor of a building, they will fulfill their commitment of making windows sparkling clean without damaging your property.

Third, they offer window cleaning and other cleaning solutions 7 days a week. Therefore, you need not devote your time and energy on weekends to doing this tiring task. Simply call professionals and they will be right at your doorsteps at the pre-decided time.

Last but not the least, you get assurance of high-quality cleaning results that will remain visible for a long duration by hiring professional window cleaning solutions. So, hire professional cleaners once to eliminate the requirement of cleaning windows both externally and internally for the next few months.

Keep these benefits in the mind and you will find the cost of hiring professional window cleaners is really negligible compared to the benefits received.

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