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Facts Must-to-Know Before Scheduling Window Cleaning Services in Kensington

Often people feel that cleaning windows is just like any other domestic chore and hiring window cleaning services in Kensington, London as a luxury. They bring entire cleaning tools and equipment, devote a complete day for window cleaning and at the end, they realized that windows are not cleaned as per their expectations. In an attempt to save money, they wasted their entire day and energy as well.

But an undeniable fact is window cleaning is one of the most troublesome jobs that only professionals can handle with perfection. The reasons are many. First, if a person stays in the first floor or above, he cannot clean windows externally. Secondly, he does not know the art of cleaning windows despite bringing professional cleaning tools and equipment. Third, the end results are far away from satisfactory. Therefore, all these reasons simply indicate that do not waste your time and energy; spend a little amount of money by hiring professional window cleaning services from a Kensington-based company.

What Does Professional Window Cleaning Includes?

If you ask any expert, he will say that window cleaning is a complex job involving a series of steps. These steps are as follows:

  1. The first step involves window preparation. In this, the professional cleaning team removes dirt and debris from each glass with the help of a wet mop.
  2. The second step revolves around window cleaning. In this stage, professional cleaners wash windows’ glasses from inside and outside so that stains, which are easy to remove, wash off from the windows. To remove tough stains and oil marks, windows are treated with special and eco-friendly window cleaning formula. Additionally, squeegees and T-bars help to scrape-out all remaining debris present inside the windows’ sills and frames.
  3. Once windows are washed, glasses and panes are wiped with a soft cotton cloth to make them dirt and streak-free.
  4. The last stage is inspection. The cleaning team looks from different perspectives to check whether windows, sills and frames are crystal clean.

When to Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services, Kensington?

Clean windows not only increase the overall appeal of the property but also promote circulation of healthy and pure air inside. Usually, commercial property owners should hire window cleaning services once in two or three months whereas residential owners must try to hire professional services a minimum of two times a year. Regular cleaning of windows is one of the sure-fire ways to increase their working lifespan and safeguard yourself from costly repairs.

How Does Professional Window Cleaners Work?

Professional window cleaners offer full-spectrum of cleaning services including skylights, velux, conservatory windows, glass roofs, etc. Based on the clients’ requirements, they offer their services. Whether a client hires them for residential or commercial cleaning services, they bring their entire cleaning tool and equipment to the cleaning site. The team will come with a ladder, an extension pole, a tank filled with purified water, squeegees, etc. Luckily, customers need not give them anything except a fee in return for their services.

The ladder is used for cleaning windows of the first or second floor of a building and a water-fed pole system for cleaning windows of high-rise buildings. They use eco-friendly techniques for cleaning windows so that it causes no harm to the environment as well as to their skin. They ensure to complete the entire task of a small-sized residential building within a few hours whereas commercial cleaning runs for 2-3 days. While offering cleaning services, the cleaning team wears protective clothing like gloves, glasses, masks, etc., and maintains social distancing norms.

Is it Possible to hire them for Exterior Windows Cleaning?

Yes, of course. The professional window cleaning services in Kensington are highly versatile. The well-established and reputed companies offer services as per the client’s requirements. Some clients hire them for interior window cleaning, some for exterior window cleaning whereas many for both. It goes without saying that exterior window cleaning is more expensive than interior window cleaning due to the risky nature of work.

What about their Working Hours?

The working hours of professional window cleaning vary from season to season. During summer, the companies offer services from 7 am to 7 pm whereas, during winter, the services are available till 4 pm only. The cleaning team strongly feels that daylight is essential for spotting all marks and blemishes on the windows. Therefore, they prefer completing the entire cleaning work during the daytime only.

Hire Alex & Chris Window Cleaning Services

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