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Tips to Start Window Cleaning Company in London with Little Investment

Starting a new business is both worrisome and exciting. It is exciting because you would be your boss and need not to follow the instructions of anybody. On the other hand, it is worrisome also as you need to arrange finances and look after profitable aspect as well. Someone has rightly said prefer conducting businesses of such service in which you hold unsurpassed knowledge and enjoy doing it. So, if you know the art of window cleaning and think about making window cleaning service as your full-time business, go ahead without any second thought.

Believe it, it is one of those businesses which is easy to start with minimum investment. Unlike reputed window cleaners in London, you need not advertise much and invest huge money in employing window cleaners. Just keep the below-mentioned pointers in consideration and run your window cleaners business in London profitably.

Do Cleaning Yourself

It does make sense to perform all cleaning tasks yourself. This gives you hands-on knowledge of window cleaning tasks and avoids unnecessary labour expenses. To get a fair idea about challenges involved in the window cleaning task, start cleaning windows of your own house. You will get more exposure and knowledge if you own a two or three-storied house. To add further, it is necessary to possess the following traits if you want to become a professional window cleaner in London:

  1. Right Knowledge of cleaning different kinds of Windows
  2. Ready to work in all season and on holidays also
  3. Physically and mentally fit
  4.  Self-motivated person
  5. Performing the cleaning task with perfection
  6. Have no fear of heights

Purchase Right Equipment

Sponges, squeegees, buckets, T-bars, blades and scrapers are some of the common equipment strikes as soon as the window cleaning task pops up in the mind. However, these are traditional window cleaning equipment and are useful for cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the ground floor windows. Widen your horizon by using some advanced cleaning equipment like eco-friendly cleaning solution,  “reach and wash” system like water-fed pole system and a vehicle to transport all these equipment safely to the cleaning place.

Target Right Clientele

If you are sure about performing a cleaning task yourself and not willing to invest a huge capital at the initial stage of business, it is necessary to target the right clientele. For this, it is advisable to offer residential window cleaning services and become a full-time window cleaner. As compared to commercial window cleaning, residential cleaning is easy and less risky. You can easily clean the windows of a house in a day or two if you devote 6-8 hours daily. Moreover, many reputed window cleaning companies in London agree with the fact that residential clients are easy to attract and appease initially.

 Take Advantage of Word of Mouth Marketing

Even marketers believe that word of mouth marketing is a powerful marketing tool that helps in customer generation. So, no need to set aside a huge marketing budget and spend scores of money in advertising your services. To get your first customer, start from your friends or family members. Spread the message in your friends that you have started a window cleaning business and offer them attractive discounts for availing the first service. So far, if you get your first cleaning order, share the pictures of clean windows with your friends to give them a sneak peek of the quality of cleaning services.

Establish Market Presence by Charging Low

At the initial stage of starting a business, do not think about making profits. Think about generating a loyal customer base by working hard instead. So to establish your presence in the market, prefer charging lower prices than other service providers. A professional window cleaner easily earns a minimum £25 per hour and £200 per day based on location and scale of cleaning. Make a slow start by targeting small residential buildings and charging low prices and gradually increase your prices and area of operation with time.

Believe it, starting your own window cleaner company in London is both rewarding and challenging. You need to do a lot of hard work and devote ample time to get the business going in the right direction. Make sure to do some preliminary research by identifying the right equipment and the right location where the demand for professional window cleaners is high. Once you feel that you have earned a good amount, expand your business by hiring experienced window cleaners.

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