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Factors Determine The Cost Of Window Cleaning

Let’s admit it, nobody likes dirty windows in a residential or commercial building. And it is an undeniable fact that windows do get dirty with time. Majority of the people spend a considerable time while standing near the windows and viewing the outer world. However, when you no longer see clearly from the windows, it is the time to call professional window cleaners in London.

You might say that window cleaning is possible manually also. But the possibility exists only when you are trying to clear windows internally and your house is on the ground floor. If your house is on first or second floor or you are staying in a mansion, window cleaning is a tall task. Thus, it is a wise decision to hire window cleaners in London and get them cleaned.

Price of Window Cleaning in UK

It is hard to determine the exact cost of window cleaning in the UK as several factors are considered. Let’s take a brief look on factors assessed while calculating the cost of window cleaning task.

  1. Kind of Property: The kind and scale of property is one of the most important factors to weigh while calculating the total cost of window cleaning. The price difference exists for cleaning windows of a one-storey apartment and mansion. Reasons are simple. If a person is residing in a one floor property, limited numbers of windows require cleaning. On the other hand if a property is bigger like a mansion, there are more floors and each floor has different rooms and different sets of windows for cleaning.
  2. Number of Windows: The general rule says if a property is like an apartment, there must be fewer windows to clean than a two-storied house. But many single storey houses have several windows. So, higher the number of windows, more would be the cleaning cost.
  3. Kind of Windows: The glass structures like Skylights and conservatories demand special attention and tools by professional window cleaners in London. These are high rise windows that require special tool and equipment like rope access, ladder, etc. On the contrary, single bay and double-bay windows are easy to clean with regular squeegees and T-bars. Thus, the cost of window cleaning increases with the increase in difficulty scale of cleaning the windows.
  4. Condition of Windows: Some window glasses are too dirty due to the presence of streak and grime marks. These windows demand special tools and equipment and increase the cleaning time as well. So, the condition of windows is another factor professional cleaners consider while determining the window cleaning task.

The charges of window cleaning increase due to the following auxiliary factors:

  • Whether a client wants professional to clean windows internally, externally or both? Internal window cleaning is the cheapest and both kind of cleaning is the most expensive. It is beneficial to opt for both kind of window cleaning if you hire professionals once in a year.
  • Many customers even ask for frames and sills cleaning along with window cleaning. It is necessary to highlight that professional window cleaners in London take extra charges for cleaning window sills and frames.
  • Many companies keep the standard pricing of window cleaning regardless of the floor whereas some charge higher cost in case windows of the third floor or above of a building require cleaning. Thus, a customer should clearly ask this from the company’s professional before signing any contract.
  • Many people value their property and therefore prefer availing gutter cleaning services along with window cleaning. However, these services involve additional cost. But the client gets a good discount if he has already availed the window cleaning services from the respective company.

You may find the cost of certified and professional window cleaners in London higher than local service providers, but they offer quality cleaning results. It is because:

  • They use high quality equipment and offer window cleaning services up to the 4th floor.
  • They use purified water and eco-friendly cleaning solution while cleaning windows.
  • They are ready to offer their services as per your schedule. If you want to fix an appointment for Sunday, they will agree for the same at one go.
  • If you are staying in London, they will come to your place regardless of your area.
  • They give assurance of not harming your personal property while performing window cleaning task.

So, don’t you agree that all these factors justify their higher cost? What do you believe?

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