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Best Window Cleaning Tools Ease the Job of Professional Window Cleaners in London

Only a team of professional window cleaners in London can understand the importance of using the right window cleaning tools. Window cleaning is not at all an easy job, especially if you need to deal with hard-to-reach windows or “hard-to-clean” stains. But if the team is well-equipped with the right cleaning tools, the job becomes easier and ensures better cleaning results. The professional window cleaners use hordes of tools and equipment to perform their task with perfection. Let’s uncover some of the tools that are easy to find in a local hardware store and do not demand heavy investment.

  1. Squeegee: It is one of the most important window cleaning tools comprising a handle, a rubber blade and rubber blade holder. The rubber blade helps in easy gliding on glass surfaces and the holder is durable and sturdy. The handle comes with a slip-resistant feature. The cleaning tool helps in controlling the flow of the cleaning solution when applied on the window glasses. It is like a mop that is useful for cleaning glasses and tiles. The squeegee is used along with extension poles also for cleaning the high-rise windows. The reputed window cleaners in London purchase branded squeegee to carry out the cleaning task with precision. A common person can easily find a high-quality squeegee at the nearest store or he can even purchase all these parts separately and can join them.
  2. T-Bars & Sleeves:  T-Bars and sleeves are two different tools that are sold separately but they always work in conjunction. As the name implies, T-bar is a specially designed bar in a “T” shaped that helps in cleaning the liquid from windows. The sleeve is that part of the bar, which helps in soaking the liquid. T-bars are made from plastic material whereas sleeves feature microfiber material having excellent water soaking properties. Cleaning the windows with T-bars & sleeves gives the best possible cleaning results; therefore professional window cleaners always carry this equipment.
  3. Window Scrapers: It is a tool, which looks similar to squeegee but equips with a sharper blade. Window scraper is basically used for cleaning the hard dirt from the windows, which are not easily removable by squeegee and other cleaning tools. It is an excellent tool to use when windows contain the marks of tape and paint. The blade of a scraper is quite sharp, thus only professionals can use it adequately.
  4. Water-Fed Pole System: Hard-to-reach windows are the best to clean with a water-fed pole system. This system is considered an extension of poles with a cleaning brush attached to its head. Moreover, it is fitted with a pole pump system that allows easy dispense of water on the demand. The most demanding window cleaning jobs are carried out satisfactorily by using a water-fed pole system by London based window cleaners.
  5. Bucket: It is a simple yet useful cleaning tool helps in keeping the solution of filtered water and eco-friendly cleaning solution. The buckets come in various sizes and support high-grade plastic material. The professionals use large-sized buckets in a rectangular shape for transporting solution from one place to another. Some of the buckets even have wheels for easy movement to different places.

Ladders, belts, towels, brushes, etc., are some other cleaning tools widely used during residential and commercial window cleaning jobs.

The reputed window cleaning companies use some advanced cleaning tools also when they take up challenging jobs like window cleaning of a 5star hotel or shopping complex. These tools play an indirect role in running the business efficiently and cost-effectively. One such tool is field service management software. The software is used for managing client information, maintaining schedules, preparing invoices, sending reminders to clients, etc. One can easily manage these pieces of information on paper also, but chances of error remain high in case of manual noting and look unprofessional also. Another equally good tool is a window screening cleaning tool encompassing scores of window cleaning equipment. This kind of tool usually contains squeegees in different sizes, pressure washer and a professional screen cleaning tool. All these equipment performs a unique role. For instance, pressure washer helps in removing dirtiest marks on the glasses by pushing out water with pressure. The different sizes of squeegee like 8, 12 and 16-inch long squeegees help in making the cleaning job altogether easier and less stressful.

So, if you feel that windows are losing their sheen, call professional window cleaners in London and get the job done most competently.

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