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4 Reasons Why Professional Window Cleaning is Different from Manual Cleaning

We are not surprised to hear that even you are planning to hire professional window cleaners in London to get your house windows sparkling clean. You are not alone who think in a similar fashion. Many people residing and doing businesses in various areas of London prefer hiring professional cleaners once or twice a year to get neat and clean windows. Most of them have undertaken several attempts to clean windows manually. But they end up calling professionals when they do not get the desired results. Have you ever wondered why does it happen? Let’s try to unveil the reasons for the same.

Right Tools Hold the Key

When you are doing cleaning tasks, which you did not do regularly, it becomes important to use the right tools for getting the desired results. The same holds true in the case of window cleaning as well. You cannot imagine getting sparkling clean, grime-free, and dirt-free windows without using high-quality window cleaning tools like squeegee, T-bars, etc. You can prepare the cleaning solution at home also by mixing water and vinegar or any other solution, but the results are far away from your expectations. On the other hand, professional cleaners never use homemade cleaning solutions for cleaning windows. They use an eco-friendly cleaning solution instead, which cleans all kinds of dirt marks. These solutions are not only good for the environment but for their health also as they do not cause any harm to the eyes and no allergies to hands.

Thorough Cleaning Matters

As a common person, neither we hold any experience of cleaning windows by using water-fed poles and nor are we interested in risking our life by using ladders. Thus, we clean windows internally only and leave the rest of the task. But the bitter fact is if windows are not cleaned externally, internal cleaning does not hold any importance. So, if you stay on the first floor or above in any building, you cannot even think about doing window cleaning externally. For cleaning external windows, professional window cleaners in London use ladders and water-fed pole systems to get the desired results

Replace Ordinary Water with Filtered Water

Yes, you heard this right! This is one common mistake that everyone does. As a common person, we try to clean residential windows with tap water. What happens, when we clean windows with tap water mineral deposits left behind which leave marks on windows after drying. It happens because tap water contains sediments and minerals which leave behind streaks and spots after cleaning windows. This is the main reason tap water is not referred to as pure water.

The term “pure water” in window cleaning businesses refers to any tap water filtered through a purification system. This ensures all-natural minerals are removed during the filtration process and when professional window cleaners clean windows with it, the results are crystal clear finishing.

Right Timing Matters

Mostly, nobody considers weather as an important factor while taking up window cleaning tasks. We prefer cleaning windows during weekends regardless of the window conditions. But professional window cleaners strongly believe that cleaning windows on a cloudy day will give better results.

Due to all these reasons, professional window cleaning results always show satisfactory results. But remember the fact that window cleaning results of not all companies are praiseworthy. You need to be careful while hiring any company. Some of the important tips to follow while hiring professional window cleaning services are as follows:

  1. Hire the services of companies enjoying a stellar reputation in the market. For this, check their portfolio, Google reviews, and speak to their existing clients.
  2. Compare the rate of window cleaning services with other companies. If you find their rates extremely low, then it is a better idea to leave it. The reason is any company can offer window cleaning services at extremely low rates only when it uses low-quality products.
  3. Check whether or not it offers other cleaning services. Usually, reputed window cleaning companies in London like Alex and Chris Window Cleaning Services offer other services as well such as gutter cleaning services, etc., at affordable rates.

So, keep these handy tips in the mind and start your search today!

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