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Professional Window Cleaners Take Cleaning Jobs in All Weather Conditions

If you live in London, especially in Islington, you cannot keep your windows clean all year round. The windy weather conditions of the area accumulate dirt, grime, and streak marks on windows. The presence of these marks on windows for a long duration not only affects the natural sunlight of a home but curbs the appeal of the overall property also. Therefore, some people often keep window cleaning tasks as the most important task in their “To-Do” list during weekends. Many people, who are not interested in cleaning work, play safe by hiring professional windows cleaners in Islington and get the windows clean in no time.

Before starting with window cleaning, let’s take a quick look at advance preparations necessary to make for getting the super clean results.

  • Ensure to clean the areas around your windows both internally and externally. For instance, if plaster or paint of the walls is peeling off, then your window cleaning efforts require extra precaution otherwise they will go in vain.
  • Before cleaning windows sills and frames, start the process by dusting the blinds. Remove them and wipe off accumulated dust with a super-fine microfiber cloth. If there are curtains in the room, remove them before window cleaning. Once you clean windows, hang washed curtains to spruce up the overall look and feel of a room.

Now, let’s take a look at how to clean windows during the different seasons.

During Spring Season

Spring is the best time to clean windows whether you are planning to clean them manually or willing to hire professional window cleaners in Islington. If you want shining and great-looking windows in one attempt only, choose a cloudy day. Do you want to know why? The reason is if you choose a sunny day, the heat accumulated due to sunlight poses a risk for cleaning and even dry out too fast. This implies even if you have finished cleaning, the dirty streak will remain there.

During Summer Season

Though even summertime is a good time to do window cleaning, the only hitch is the sun’s scorching heat will make the task a little difficult. Due to the bright rays of the sun, there are chances that the dirt or imperfections may hide which need to be washed away. Thus, checking the weather forecast in the morning is a must if you are planning to clean windows on a bright and sunny day during the summertime.

During Autumn Season

Rainfall is the best companion of the autumn season. And even rainwater contains impurities and particles present in the atmosphere. So, if you notice that even after a heavy downpour, your windows look dirty, the actual reason is windows were already dirty and impure rainwater smeared dust on the entire glass surface. So, checking the weather forecast is indispensable before starting with cleaning. The mild weather conditions during the autumn season allow windows to dry naturally without paving the way to streaks. After Spring, Autumn time is perfect for taking up a time-consuming task like window cleaning as neither the sun is too harsh nor the temperature outside is too cold.

Winter Season

It is not wrong to say that winter is the toughest season if you have planned for a window cleaning session. Using the right cleaning tools and equipment is mandatory to get excellent cleaning results and avoiding any kind of damages.

Some of the cleaning tools and equipment you require for window cleaning in all seasons are as follows:

  1. Filtered water
  2. An eco-friendly cleaner
  3. Sponge
  4. Squeegee
  5. Wash Bucket
  6. Ladder
  7. Used or old Large Towel
  8. Telescopic pole for cleaning windows externally
  9. Microfiber cleaning cloth

If you are ready to spend money, then try to establish contact with professional window cleaners in Islington like Alex and Chris Window Cleaning. The trained and uniformed professionals of the company are competent to clean windows in every weather condition and make them spotless. They are even trained to clean all kinds of windows ranging from Valex, Skylights, Conservatory, Single Bay, Double Bay to name a few. The professional cleaners even offer emergency window cleaning services to customers at affordable rates. So, it is your decision to do window cleaning manually or call professionals.

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