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An Informative Guide about How to Clean Gutters Manually

Whether you own a commercial property owner or a residential property, it is necessary to keep gutters in a good condition to avoid structural damages. For this regular cleaning is indispensable. The regular gutter cleaning services in London ensure that the rainwater flows into the gutter and the drainage system via unblocked downpipes.

Many people believe that cleaning the gutter is not essential and they do not clean them even once a year. But it is not right. When gutters remain unclean for a long duration, the collected rainwater becomes extremely hard to remove and this either leads to roof leakage or structural damage to the foundation of the property. Rest assured, no one will come and inform you that this is the time to clean gutters. As an owner of the property, you need to watch out for tell-tale symptoms. These tell-tale symptoms include:

  1. Water spillage from the side of the gutters
  2. Staining on exteriors walls of a house
  3. Sagging gutters
  4. Birds nesting on them
  5. Plant growth inside or nearby the gutters

How frequently gutters should be cleaned?

Now, this is an interesting question with no definite answer. The well-established gutter cleaning companies in London strongly believe that guttering should be cleaned a minimum twice a year. However, the frequency should increase if you live in such an area where there is excess rainfall or lots of trees and foliage are present in the vicinity. The changes in the season also play a crucial role in determining the frequency of cleaning the gutters.

Another factor, which is equally important to consider is the kind of guttering system fixed in your buildings. The guttering system changes from one building to another. Even the guttering changes from residential to commercial buildings. Some of the most common kinds of guttering systems found in London-based buildings are half-round guttering, square line, valley guttering, mini line to name a few. All these gutters are made from different materials, need to clean in different ways, and take different lengths of time in cleaning. When you hire professional gutter cleaning services in London, you need not worry at all. The reason is the professional cleaning team is well-versed in all cleaning methods, hence they are able to clean all kinds of gutters adequately.

If you have decided to clean gutters manually, keep reading this blog post further.

The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

It is pertinent to arm yourself with the right gutter cleaning tools and equipment to get satisfactory cleaning results. A ladder and a vacuum machine are the most important tools for cleaning gutters. The ladder helps you to reach the gutter’s height whereas the vacuum helps in removing debris, leaves, and other unwanted dry and wet elements by sucking the entire waste. The vacuum machine is easy to use, easy to handle, and manoeuvre. However, you need to use it multiple times to remove all unwanted waste.

It is possible to clean gutters without using ladders. You need to buy an extension pole attached with a camera at one end.  Operate the extension pole by remaining at the ground level and seeing the cleanliness level in the camera attached to it. Generally, a professional cleaning company uses extension poles for cleaning gutters. Therefore, it is advisable to avail professional gutter cleaning in London in case gutters are present at heights and you have no experience of using the ladders or extension poles.

Is it possible to clean gutters with a garden hose?

As long as gutters are not clogged completely, cleaning gutters with a garden hose is worth trying. Ensure to use a garden hose, which has a rigid tube with a curved end. Stand on the even ground and start cleaning from the nearest end of the downspout. Exert your energy to remove the entire mess such as water, twigs, debris, and leaves. It may possible that the unwanted elements may spread on the sides of the gutter while cleaning with a garden hose, so dress appropriately.

You can even try to clean the gutter with an extension ladder, which is well-equipped with stabilizer arms. Such kinds of extension ladders are available in the marketplace. In case you are facing issues in finding an extension ladder, purchase stabilizer arms separately and attached them to your ladder. While using the extension ladder, you need to follow two precautions. First, place the extension ladders at an even surface, and second, take the help of someone who can hold the ladder and stabilize it. This allows you to concentrate on the cleaning task in a better manner.

Is it possible to clean gutters by hand?

Indeed, it is possible. For gutter cleaning in London by hand, you need a gutter scoop, a bucket, a ladder, and heavy-duty work gloves. You can even use a garden trowel instead of a gutter scoop. Wear gloves, climb the ladder and try to remove leaves and debris in small quantities. Keep these unwanted elements in the bucket and repeat the activity till you feel the gutters are cleaned fairly. Once you have cleaned the gutters to the best of your abilities, flush the downspout and gutters with water to check whether water is flowing into the drainage system.

Though we have mentioned various methods of cleaning gutters manually, it is advisable to play safe and seeks professional help once a year.

Advantages of Availing Professional Gutter Cleaning Services in London

You may find several companies in London offering gutter cleaning and other cleaning services at affordable rates but it is hard to match with the quality and rates of Alex and Chris Window Cleaning. The leading London-based company offers one-stop cleaning solutions to its customers. It not only cleans gutters with perfection but also offers minor gutter repair services that may cause huge damages in the future if ignored. Some of the main advantages of availing gutter cleaning services from this London-based company are as follows:

  • A professional and trained cleaning team cleans the gutters as per the EU and UK safety regulations; therefore customers get satisfactory solutions in one-attempt only.
  • These professionals offer guaranteed no blockage services for one month. Thus, customers are free to avail of their services in case gutters get blocked during the one month and need not pay anything.
  • They offer cleaning solutions on Sundays and public holidays as well. Customers only need to make prior bookings for availing of the services on weekends. Moreover, no extra prices are charged for availing services on holidays. Isn’t it great?
  • If customers combine two or three cleaning services, such as window cleaning, patio cleaning, and gutter cleaning services in London, the company offers them a good discount.
  • While offering cleaning services, the trained professionals give assurance to not cause any damage to the client’s property in any manner.

So, if you have tried gutter cleaning by yourself and are not satisfied with the results, call professionals today! To make bookings, either call us or feel free to visit our office in person if you have any special requirements.

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